This 2012 election year will be a historical one for the Lao community, not only in Elgin but everywhere. LAOE will be working to support communities everywhere to “Get Out the Vote.”

Click here to read the Courier News article about LAOE’s “Get Out the Vote” movement.

It is time for all of our communities to participate in a greater level than years before. We need to raise the awareness of our people. Our elderly need more support as they age. Many don’t have the proper health care and are underinsured or uninsured. Our youth need more resources and scholarships to help promote their education. Our working professionals are suffering the economic pinch. Many are laid-off and don’t have the proper job training or resources to find a new one. For us to grow as a community, we need to come together and vote.

Many people feel their votes don’t matters. Every vote matters. It is our goal as community leaders make those votes matter and produce tangible results. We need you all to vote because you all matter. We all matter. Everyone matters and can make a significant impact. We encourage you all to vote. We will be working very hard this year to use our votes to create new opportunities for our community to grow and benefit from the voting process.

The Illinois Voters Registration Deadline is February 21, 2012. Please register to vote. Here are the requirements to qualify to vote based upon the Illinois State Board of Elections:

  • Must be 18 years old by election day
  • Must reside in the jurisdiction for 30 days prior to election
  • Must be US Citizen

Click here for the IL Voter Registration Application

Click here for rules and policies on how to register to vote