February 29, 2012:  In support of implementing the State Asian-American Employment Plan (HB4510) to create job opportunities in the Asian-American community, a group of Laotians from Elgin travelled to the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield.  The proposal of this House Bill was personally handed to State Representative Keith Farnham (43rd District), and Senator Michael Noland (22nd District) for their support.


In addition, the group also took part in a rally to support the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) agendas that include Immigration Reform, Public Health, Education for our Children and the Economy.


A plan to go back to Springfield to present agendas pertaining specifically to Laotian-American will be in May (date to be determined).  Anyone interested in going or supporting this trip, please contact the LAO Organizations in Elgin at (847) 695-4505.