LAOE in cooperation with Asian American Institute of Chicago (AAI) is spearheading the Get Out and Vote Campaign for Laotians living in Northern Illinois.  This election year is more important than ever for Laotians to show that we care about our existence and impact we make in the community.  We will continue to show the public and politicians that we are contributing and making positive impact to the society.

Led by Chin Keomuongchanh, our board members are conducting roadshows to various organizations, providing education and encouraging them to vote.  We do not advocate for any political party.  Voters should exercise their rights by voting for those who they believe will represent them and their issues.  We will assist our citizens to register and explain the voting process including identifying their poll locations.

If you would like LAOE to assist you with this year’s election, please feel free to contact us.  We expect the biggest turn out of Laotian voters this election year.