As we celebrate the new 2013 year, we would like to take some time to reflect on our past accomplishments for 2012. But before we go there, we would like to say a few words to all the individuals who have volunteered countless hours to make this year a success. We are without words as to how grateful we are for your kind heart and loving spirit. May this new year overflow you with greater health, wealth, and prosperity because of your generosity!

– For the first time ever in the Fox Valley area Lao American Organization of Elgin (LAOE) collaborated with Asian Health Coalition (AHC) to develop the Silk Brocade Project which provided breast and cervical health education to over 200 immigrant and refugee women, and screened 75 individuals in the Fox Valley. This program is the first of its kind that targeted uninsured and underinsured Laotian women in the Elgin and surrounding area.

– Lao American Organization of Elgin (LAOE) has collaborated with Asian Health Coalition (AHC) on the Hepatitis B Education and Prevention Program (HEPP) for the past three years to provide the Laotian community with Hepatitis B education and screening. However, for the first time LAOE collaborated with Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) to put together a three shot treatment series for Hepatitis B at a fraction of the cost.

– Lao American Organization of Elgin (LAOE) collaborate with Asian Health Coalition (AHC), Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA), and Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) to present “Let’s Celebrate Health” an educational lunch session surrounding the topic of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The event took place at the Seville Banquet Hall and there were over 100 attendees.

As we move forward into 2013, we continue to be very optimistic with the progress that we have made thus far and are committed to continue in the new year.

-Continue to provide free education and screenings to all Laotian women whether insured, uninsured, or underinsured about breast and cervical cancer.

-Continue to collaborate with Federally Qualified Health Centers in the Fox Valley to provide low-cost health care needs to the Laotian community.

-Continue to collaborate with AHC to provide Hepatitis B education, screening, and vaccination for a reduced cost.

-For the first time, LAOE would like to collaborate with a local FQHC to host monthly annual wellness clinics targeting Laotian men and other community members needing a medical home.

-Establish a volunteer database of Laotian speaking people who will be able to accompany members of the community to doctor’s offices.

As always we need to remember it is always an honor and privilege to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We should always strive to leave a positive footprint in people’s lives so that they can look back and say this person helped me to be better. And because of our time, talent, and treasure we were able to make permanent impact in this world. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us. We would love to see how your talents can help make our community better.

Many blessings,

May Saengpraseuth

Program Director, Health and Women’s Division