campaignpic1Chin Keomuongchanh, a LAOE Board Member and Civic Engagement Program Director became the first Lao-American ever run for the Elgin City Council.  There were 9 candidates facing the primary election on 2/26/13 and only two advanced to face one another on the general election on 4/9/13.  Mr. Keomuongchanh needed only 12 additional votes to be on the top two.

He said:  ” I am proud to represent Elgin residents in particular the Laotian community in this election.  We had a solid campaign and came very close to winning.  The true winners are Lao people who engaged in the election process and took their time to vote.  We only needed 12 more votes, so close.  One good lesson learned, every vote counts”.  He also wanted to thank his campaign manager, advisors, volunteers, and all supporters for their countless time and efforts on this campaign.

The Lao Community in Elgin is looking forward to the next City Council Election in two more years. We are looking for a qualified candidate who is willing to represent us and our city. Please feel free to contact LAOE Office for additional information.