One of our core missions at LAOE is to assist our youth achieve in life. We created the Lao Youth Leaders program to achieve this mission.

It is always a humble and joyful feeling to know our actions and work helps others. We would like to acknowledge the success of Nora Kethdy for getting accepted into a very exclusive program at Purdue University. Nora has been accepted into the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at Purdue. It has been a dream and goal of hers to become a pharmacist and help others, especially the Lao community.

We are so proud of her success and will continue to support her and other youths in their life and academic goals.  Thank you Nora for being a great role model for our community and others. You are truly a leader!

Here is a picture of Nora receiving a LAOE Scholarship Award in 2011.

Nora Kethdy Scholarship 2011