In May 2012, Lao Community in Elgin, LAOE and Asian American Institute (AAI) of Chicago helped create the first Asian American Caucus in the state of Illinois.

This year our Caucus State Agenda are:

1. Urging the Governor Quinn to appoint 11-member Asian American Employment Plan Advisory Council, a crucial component to implementing the State Asian American Employment Plan.
* Last year, HB4510 was passed, the governor signed it into law in July 2012.
* This law seeks to address the barriers and challenges faced by Asian Americans in State employment.
* The community’s input is essential to any effective solution.

2. Encouraging elected officials to resolve the overdue State payment issue for organizations that provide basic services to Asian American communities.
* LAOE and AAI are working with legislators to ensure that any common sense solution does not forget the impact this issue has on Asian American communities.

3. Pushing for Illinois to begin addressing the issue of Hepatitis B and its enormous impact on Asian American communities.
* Over half of the 1.5 million people in America infected with Hepatitis B are Asian American.
* That’s one out of every 10 Asian Americans. Currently, Illinois spends ZERO dollars in addressing Hepatitis B which can lead to liver cancer.
* LAOE and AAI will continue to meet with elected officials including members of the Illinois Legislative Asian American Caucus regarding this issue.

4. Engaging with elected officials on how to improve access to basic government services and information for immigrant and limited-English speaking community members.
* 2010 U.S Cencus Bureau shows 30% of Asian Americans in the Chicago area are limited-English proficient.
* LAOE and AAI are strategizing with elected officials on how to improve the ability of these community members to fully benefit from available services and information like every other Illinois resident.

LAOE and AAI are planning a rally to support this agenda in Springfield on 5/23/13. Due to success of last year rally, the first Asian American Caucus was created. We will travel to Springfield in style on a tour bus. Anyone interested to go, please contact Chin Keomuongchanh at LAOE office.