The US Census has released several reports regarding the current demographic status of Asian Americans. The report does a thorough and diligent effort breaking down ethnic groups as it relates to key demographic data.

As an organization serving our community, these reports have affirmed key beliefs that reflect the Lao American community of Elgin and also the general population of Lao Americans in the Midwest.

LAOE has always had an anecdotal approach when sharing the status of the community. We have always known that the Lao American community is poor, has limited language proficiency, lacks adequate healthcare, and has limited education beyond high school. With these reports, we are now able to concretely refer to real facts and data to substantiate the need for more aid and resources.

Here are some key data from report:

  • 48% of the population 5 years and older have limited English proficiency
  • Only 14% of Lao Americans have college degrees
  • Among Asian American ethnic groups in Chicago, Lao Americans ($19,10) have the lowest per capita income
  • 43% of Lao Americans work in manufacturing (blue collar jobs)
  • 75% of Lao Americans are home owners

Contrast Of Laotians And Asian-Americans Living In Illinois (click the to download the full report)

As you can see, our work is very important. For LAOE to be successful, we need support from everyone. We will continue to do our best to serve and advance our community. We need your support. Please consider contributing your effort and heart. Contact us to get involved.