On June 12, 2016, LAOE celebrated the success of 15 Lao American students that received a scholarship from the Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund (NSRCF).

In 1980, nearly 40 years after the wartime incarceration of all Japanese living on the West Coast, a small group of New England Japanese Americans established a scholarship program called the Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund (NSRCF). They were all Nisei, second generation American-born descendants of Japanese immigrants. The NSRCF honors the Nisei and pays tribute to the individuals and organizations who reached across racial differences and wartime hatred to help the Nisei students.

The NSRCF is a national scholarship program created to address the needs of the Southeast Asian community, an important and growing part of many American cities. A major challenge facing these families is finding resources to support their children’s educational goals. The NSRCF travels to a different community each year offering scholarships to graduating Southeast Asian high school students.

LAOE was a sponsoring organization in this year’s scholarship process. Through our community outreach, led by Board Member and Director of Youth Services, Alan Thavisouk, LAOE was able to successfully help 15 Lao American students with a scholarship award. The scholarship award will help each student and family with the rising costs of college. It was a proud moment for the community as we celebrated the accomplishments of our future leaders. Thank you to Charlie Chansiri for delivering a speech on behalf of the Lao American community. Below are the Lao American students that received the NSRCF Scholarship. Here are images of the celebration:

Andy Chai, Kevin Nguyen, Branstarr Sihanath, Xaly Channakhone, Charlie Chansiri, Thidachanh Kethdy, Sean Nguyen, Panida Phetsavanh, Somchy Phomosopha, Kobe Raksinh, Christopher Rattanasamay, Karisma Saymiknha, Nattaly Sivankham, Natalie Somphonhphakdy, Alexus Thongsakounh

THANK YOU VERY MUCH the NSRCF and Japanese American Service Committee for supporting and advancing the Lao American youth! For more information on NSRCF, please click here.

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